Hi there and welcome to my little gallery. I began collecting Sailor Moon but now my interests have spread and I now collect cels from a few of my favourite anime shows. I try and keep to my 'wishlist' as much as possible so that I can control myself ^_^

I hope my collection will continue to grow over many more years.

Just be aware that some cels have mini summaries about the particular cel in the episode it relates to.

News & Updates

1/6/2018Just doing some gallery wide updates and adding in my backlog
6/8/2011So I am finally getting through my backlog. I have a variety of cels and sketches to add and some much needed gallery maintainence to do.
2/15/2011I thought it was about time for a new layout. I am having a Chobits fix atm, so I thought I may as well carry it over to my gallery too. Why not?
1/2/2011I thought I would try and blow the dust away and get cracking on going through my massive load of sketches. I didn't get very far in before I just couldn't look at the computer anymore. I did manage to scan 4 of my Tenjho Tenge sketches and a few of my Chobits sets.

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Title Last Updated
*Beta Awards 07* 12/8/2007
Ah My Goddess 1/11/2018
AMG - Sequence 1/12/2018
AMG TV 1/12/2018
Ayashi No Ceres 6/7/2011
Azumanga Daioh 8/22/2011
Bleach 1/10/2018
Bubblegum Crisis 2040 1/7/2018
Card Captor Sakura 1/31/2008
Chobits 1/12/2018
Chroma Cels 6/3/2006
Daa! Daa! Daa! 2/11/2012
Digi Charat 6/17/2011
Evangelion 1/6/2018
Fushigi Yuugi 7/24/2009
Galaxy Angel 7/30/2012
GTO - Great Teacher Onizuka 1/9/2018
GTO - Misc 1/9/2018
GTO - Sequence 1/9/2018
Inuyasha 6/9/2011
Misc 6/20/2011
Pokemon 1/11/2018
Rozen Maiden 6/14/2011
Sailor Moon 1/11/2018
Sailor Moon - BANK 1/11/2018
Sailor Moon - Galaxia 1/11/2018
Sailor Moon - Lovers 8/23/2008
Sailor Moon - Mamoru 1/11/2018
Sailor Moon - Misc 6/20/2011
Sailor Moon - Princess 12/12/2009
Sailor Moon - Usagi 1/11/2018
Shakugan No Shana 1/11/2018
Sold 1/12/2018
Spice and Wolf 1/12/2018
Street Fighter Alpha 1/6/2018
Tenjho Tenge 6/5/2011
Vampire Princess Miyu 10/3/2009

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